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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 16, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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samsung's hottest phone a fire hazard of reports of batteries bursting. a formal recall. i'm monica malpass. the story is an explosive warning from the government to hundreds of thousands of americans, turn your phone off. do not charge it. turn it in for replacement or refund. live to the satellite center and christie ileto. go to samsung's website to see if your phone has been recalled. from there, see if you get a refund or exchange it or keep it together. >> i feel like my phone. >> reporter: this loyal samsung
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user. >> sometimes it's really hot. the back of the phone. >> reporter: samsung received 92 reports of batteries overheating and dozens of other reports of property damage including fires in cars in the garage. >> such a serious fire as hard, u urge them to take advantage of the recall right away. >> they recalled 1 million galaxy note 7s. consumers should check their phones for a special code etched on the back and plug it in on that will be the key in determiniing if the phone is pat of the recall. others are having similar problems. out of nowhere, this samsung overheats and explodes in a cafe. >> i haven't had problems with this one. i got it in july. fourth of july weekend and i haven't had problems with it. when i'm charging it, it doesn't
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get overheated. >> sometimes there's quirks in there. it wouldn't scare me. >> reporter: if you choose to keep your note 7, the phone must be shut off been boarding a plane. >> samsung says the replacement phones will be available september 21st. apple will be unveiling the iphone 7 tomorrow. reporting in the south center, kis christie ileto. monica? >> thank you. a delaware state trooper was involved in this deadly crash. it happened about 6:00 p.m. on exit 98. the victim that was killed was in the other car. the trooper was in stable condition. details about an attack on several nypd officers. why a man wielding a meat cleaver. police officials say officers confronted the suspect in midtown manhattan when removing
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a boot from a parked car. they then chased after him when he pulled out the 11-inch knife. an officer got slashed down the face from his temple to his jaw. that is when officers opened fire 18 times. in the scuffle, two other officers were injured, one from a graze wound. that suspect has been identified as a 32-year-old man with a long record of minor crimes. they think he was living in the car. he's now in critical, but stable condition. the slashed officer is recovering. a gun thief is caught on camera. the atf and sports group is offering a $10,000 reward. they believe there were two suspects that struck three times in three weeks. they made off with 17 handguns from philadelphia gun exchange in the 6700 block of roland avenue in mayfair.
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they say at least one got in through the roof. they were in and out within seconds. >> it's a huge concern. these guns that are stolen quickly are pedals on to the streets, put in the hands of criminals that use them in shootings. we want the individuals identified and arrested and recover the firearms. >> you may be able to help if you recognize this sweatshirt with the word "king" on it. a suspect was wearing it. several people gathered in kensington where three people, including a pregnant woman were shot. officers were out here with they called for justice. the pregnant woman was shot once in the stomach and once in the head. they are in critical condition. no arrests made. police are weeching out to folks in north philadelphia tonight trying to bridge the gap between officers and residents who don't always trust beat cops.
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dann cuellar is live in north philadelphia with more. dann? >> reporter: monica, it is a growing crime problem. two officers of the law, looking to build partnerships with the residents they serve. >> speak with, not to the community. >> reporter: state police commissioner, among those here tonight to address the crime taking root across the city. >> we are number one at everything bad. >> reporter: the state representative painted the grim reality of what's going on in her district. so far this year, homicides up 17%. shootings up 44%. assault up 9% and gun crimes up 34%. >> we have seen a spike and i call a public crisis. we have to do something about it. >> reporter: police will tell you, as they have time and time again, they can't do it alone. >> from my experience, neighbors have not stood up together, not separate, together. they have taken the
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neighborhoods back. >> reporter: at some point, the relations between police and communities they serve have been strained and pushed aside by a host of issues. >> we have bad police officers just like there are bad community members. what we have to do is weed them out. >> reporter: community members pointed out they, too, have house cleaning to do. >> where is our youth at? we need our youth in this room. we need to stop talking down to them and tell them we need their help. >> reporter: for the record, some residents wanted officials to know they have witnessed good cops working hard. >> we are all officers out there who are putting in the work, getting stuff done. >> reporter: all in all, most seem to think the meeting was productive and the seeds were planted for a successful partnership in addressing crime. dann cuellar, channel 6 "action
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news." >> thank you, dann. a triumphant appearance for josh. he waved and gave a thumbs up, a salute to supporters as paramedics wheeled him out. he is headed to a rehab facility two weeks after being shot in the head in the parking lot of cesar's casino. the doctors say he's lucky. >> they are generally don't have a good outcome. he's done better than most, which is fantastic. after he was shot, his partner returned fire, killing one of three suspects. the others are facing charges. he is a father of two with a third child on the way. chester county jurors will decide the fate of a man accused in a deadly ambush against pennsylvania state police. jurors in the trial will be selected there and then bussed 100 miles to a courthouse in pike county. they are accused of killing brian dixon in 2014 and wounding
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another trooper. he was captured after a 48-day manhunt that paralyzed part of the poconos. law enforcement is on the hunt for this suspected serial bank bandit tonight. he has been seen holding up a bank at gunpoint yesterday. investigators say the same man is responsible for robbing a bb & t yesterday and another td bank on september 6th. a man was struck and killed by an amtrak train in delaware county. they have not identified him nor determined why he was on the tracks. the investigation shut down septa service on the regional rail line until 6:00. politics now. hillary clinton is in washington, d.c. tonight making two stops on her first day back campaigning since having pneumon pneumonia. she spoke at a hispanic gala after starting in north carolina at a rally.
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clinton said her bout with the flu gave her a chance to reflect on how and why she's running for president. >> people have accused me of all kind of things, you have probably seen that. nobody ever akiesed me of quitting. i will never give up. i'll never walk away no matter how tough the going gets. >> she says she is offering ideas to make a difference, not donald trump's prejudice and paranoia. >> she will campaign in philadelphia on monday. the location has not been announced. she will focus on millenial voters and free community college. >> trump says he can lower taxes while creating 25 million new jobs. trump spoke at the economic club of new york. he says he will reduce the nation's tax burden by $4 trillion over ten years and
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create an economic boom with 4% growth a year with a govern ma runs a smaller deficit. >> we are going to provide opportunity, prosperity and security for all americans. i'm going to lower your taxes beyond any number you thought possible. >> trump says other savings will come from cutting one penney of every dollar and revising the tax code. the national poll shows a dead heat between trump and clinton. they are tied at 42% among likely voters. gary johnson earned 8% an jill stein has 4%. remember to download the abc news app to get breaking alerts from the campaign trail with less than two months to go until election day. still to come on "action news," the harrowing 911 call for help.
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>> is there a way to get out of the building? >> i don't know. i'm scared. >> police say this woman's bravery led them to a potential serial killer. >> what a change from the record high. 92 today. the high 80. tonight, temperatures the coldest in three months. i am tracking a return to summer in the accuweather seven day forecast. getting reimbursed for a medical procedure or medical equipment should be routine. it wasn't in this case. they respond, get results and have advice. one step you need to take when dealing with health care, coming up. ducis rodgers with the eagles getting ready for week two when "action news" continues tonight. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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a suspected serial killer is behind bars after a woman he
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allegedly kidnapped made the brave decision to call 911 while he was sleeping. they got a call from a woman saying she had been abducted and held in a vacant house. the suspect was asleep a few feet away. she partial ly freed herself. >> if you can get out, you need to get out. >> when police arrived, they found the woman alive, but discovered the bodies of two other women in the house. amazingly, the suspect, 40-year-old shawn gray was still asleep. he was taken into custody and led police to a third body. a muslim cleric who lives in exile in pennsylvania spoke in center city tonight. he lives in exile here.
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he was at the center of an international controversy after a coup that left 271 dead. he master minded it and demanded the u.s. extradite him. the u.s. did not. he denied wrong doing. new jersey court heard accordingments on a case that could override teacher contracts in the poorest community. chris christy wants to split it evenly among all districts rather than give more to the poorer communities. it will provide property tax relief. the new head of the philadelphia zoning board abruptly resigned after being stung in the probe of city power brokers. his office and home were raided as part of the investigation into the union bust. no one has been charged but he
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is a close friend and believe corrupt use of union funds is the issue at hand. this next story will show you how to take a simple, but important step the next time you get a medical procedure or buy medical equipment. here is nydia han with what you need to know. >> reporter: he likes these glasses, but his experience with sears optical had him seeing red. he went to sears optical at the montgomery mall to get a pair of classes after cataract surgery. he was told -- >> i would pay the full amount, they would submit the claim and medicare sends a check to me. >> you never got the check? >> i never got the check. it was not a medicare problem. in fact, the claim was never filed. >> reporter: after the claim was filed, another problem. >> the medicare id expired 15
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days before i purchased my glasses. >> reporter: he not only wanted reimbursement, he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter and warn orr consumers, so -- >> they said why don't you go to nydia han and "action news." >> reporter: the troubleshooters got on the case. we give a pat on the back to our volunteer, vickie. >> she really persevered ft she was a pleasure to work with. >> reporter: he got his reimbursement and then some. he says more importantly, he feels vindicated on principle. >> it felt great, to tell you the truth. >> reporter: a very important message here. >> medicare misses the people that are approved. i didn't check the list before i purchased. >> reporter: before you make a purchase and someone is a medicare provider, do your homework. go to
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they tell me the associate submitted the claim as appropriate, unaware the id had not been renewed. it could take several months, longer than expected. medicare would have only covered a portion, but given the weight, we thought it was necessary he receive a full refund. if you have a case for troubleshooters go to and call us at 866-978-4232 or reach out through twitter or facebook. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." time to check the weather. i's feeling like fall. >> you may want to put an extra blanket on the bed. it's cooling off tramatically. the live double scan showing no rain out there. we had some high, thin, cirrus clouds around sunset. it creates beautiful images. this was posted to my facebook page. the sun getting ready to set.
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if you look to the right, you can see a sun dog. the clouds 20,000 feet up are made of tiny ice crystals. they bend and reflect the light and create a tiny rainbow. keep sending them on facebook and twitter. right now, temperatures chilly in tannersville. 49 degrees. martins creek 52. warrenton, 59. center city and the urban heat not quite as cool, 64 degrees. interior south jersey, 55 in hammonton. most of the clouds are breaking up tonight. high pressure is kind of flexing its muscles. what this will do is provide clear skies overnight. a nearly full moon without much wind. temperatures are dropping pretty low. 59 degrees in philadelphia. the coolest night in three
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months, that's two degrees below normal. allentown, 49. wilmington 57. trenton 57. for the bus stop forecast, put a jacket or sweatshirt on. 56 by 8:00. ten temperatures warming up to where theshl today. high pressure just moving to the east. that will bring another beautiful day. low humidity. feels cool compared to where we have been. 80 degrees. the normal high for this time of year is actually 78. on saturday, we begin to warm things up. more humid with a high of 83 degrees and that cold front will finally bring us a possibility of showers late in the day on sunday and monday morning. we desperately need the rain. at the shore, gorgeous, 73 degrees. saturday bright sunshine, 77. sunday humid with some sunshine. the storms will hold off until late in the day with temperatures in the 70s. the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, chilly tomorrow
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morning, comfortable in the afternoon with a high of 80. saturday 83 degrees. better of the two days this weekend. sunday, it will be muggy, 86 with scattered showers late in the day. not a washout, but we need the rain. the rain lingers into monday morning and clearing out by the afternoon. 84 degrees. tuesday, 87. that's ten degrees above normal, typical of early august, not the middle of september. wednesday, 86 and thursday, fall official lly arrives. the summer warmth hangs on. it will be on the chilly side, temperatures back down or back up to summer levels. >> thank you. abc anchor elizabeth vargas showed up to share her story. she has a new book and it chronicals her struggles with alcohol addiction an ang sity,
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dangerous drinking, hitting rock bottom and finally recovery. anniversary honoring bill atkinson, the first quadriplegic priest. at the age of 19, he was critically injured in a tobagan accident. despite that, he was ordained and se fios by
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verizon. go to get fios today. counting until monday night football. >> a big game against the bears. zach ertz will have to wait until monday to see if he can play against the bears. wentz is set to maybe his second start. it will come under the bright lights of monday night football. wentz is not down playing the moment. >> without a tout, a lot of excitement for me playing prime time football. i grew up as a kid watching
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football all the time. it will be exciting. i'll have some fun out there. >> emotions are running extremely high. i'll be, you know, again, i'll be, you know, trying to, you know, keep him as calm as i can along with myself. >> we are joining forces with phl17 to bring you this game monday night at 8:30. the sports team will air a pregame special at :00 on phl17. in baseball, a home run derby at citizens bank park, the only problem, the phillies were the ones doing the pitching. check that. it's 2-0 following a solo home run off jerad eickhoff. down, 3-1 in the fifth. rbi double here. this is over. phils down, 3-2. in the seventh inning, mercer, a three-run blast.
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the pirates hit five home runs, four of eickhoff. the most runs the phils allowed this season. >> good game for six innings. eshg ickhoff made errors. gave up home runs. in the seventh inning, gave up another one. just made too many bad pitches. other than that, after that inning, the roof fell off. >> still to come, the flyers play baseba
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do you need further proof the weeks and months fly by? the sixers open training camp a week from tuesday. coach brett brown spoke to the media. he's hopeful about summons and optimistic about joel embiid. hopefully this will be a healthy year for him. >> joel is on track to playing as we all know. we will learn more about the restrictions that will come his way, we know. but, what i see so far gives us great reason to be extremely excited. >> finally tonight, before the phillies game a couple flyers went to batting practice. they can hit almost as hard as they can check. the phillies asked them for fighting tips.
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cameron rupp is there. the flyers will be on the ice september 23rd. that's sports. >> thank you. tonight is a beer lovers dream come true. a two-mile pipeline funneling beer through the town. this is the pipeline. it will bring beer from a brewery to a bottling plant outside the city. tanker trucks rumbled through the town. starting tomorrow, nearly 900 gallons of beer will flow every hour under the cobblestone streets. how about that. jimmy kimmel is next. n news continues tomorrow. for the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a good night tonight. blinds to go's new motorized blinds and shades.
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